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Your Relationship:
The Key to Your Success

What is Women Fully Expressed?

Experience Powerful Perspectives for Your Epic Love Life & How That Can Increase Your Business Growth and Expand Your Energy

  • Why Your Relationship is the Most Important Aspect for Your Success.
  • Achieve your Highest Potential as an Entrepreneur through Deeper Connections.
  • How Intimacy Affects Your Emotions & Business Decisions.
  • The Formula for Powerful Business Men & Women
    Create Harmony, Balance, and Fulfillment in Your Private Life.
  • Consciously Create & Live Your Epic Love Life

your past


Master Your


your Mind


your Body

What Is Our Program About?

  • Go To Your Deep Pain And Transform Your Reality Into Joy.
  • Overcome Your Past By Changing Your Blueprint.
  • Do Not Blame Your Parents – Take Responsibility Of Your Life.
  • Master Your Relationships And Experience Happiness And Freedom.
  • Master Your Mind And Experience A New Identity Of Love, Joy, Success, And Satisfaction.
  • Love Your Body And Create The Health And Body Of Your Dreams.

What To Expect?

Each Quarter is 3 Months

Quarter 1 –

Overcome Your Past

Quarter 2 –

Master Your Relationships

Quarter 3 –

Master Your Mind

Quarter 4 –

Love Your Body

What people say about Rozaliya?

“I think Rozaliya is really here to help end suffering in humans and I think that what she’s doing is really important work. You know, she is a successful entrepreneur herself and the fact that she can take the time out of a busy weekend to spend with 70 plus people so that they can be awakened and transformed. I think is really amazing.”

— Kalika Yap

“It was so moving in a way I was not expecting.. I am somebody who doesn’t get emotional and doesn’t cry often and it was shocking. I’m actually still quite surprised and quite shocked that when she said release all your pain that I just the dam burst and I didn’t even know I had that in me. I drive not even experiencing something very painful right now.”

— Cindy Cowen

“I have met Rozaliya a couple of years ago through a very close friend and started working with her in a mix of personal and web sessions. I have immediately felt her as a very powerful energetic healer. We have extensively talked about my family and life and went back to my past through very deep meditations and healing ceremonies. I had sudden awareness of the meaning of some of my personal behaviour towards members of family and partners of life. I could look at the truth and start walking through life with renovated awareness and harmony.”

— Donatella Campioni